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February 11, 2014

GK online apps in Gujarati.

These apps are created by Naresh
Dhakhecha .
General Knowledge to prepare for all
of these apps work. You'll be playing the
game. Score will be saved online. Yes,
you can see other friends off.
ShalaSetu General Knowledge Quiz Game -
Online, Windows and Android
Enjoy playing game and improve your

Main Features
• You have to answer 25 GK questions in
given time in 5 levels.
• You can get more points if you answer
• Submit your score and know your Rank
on Top 100 Leaderboard.
• Your lifetime performance record will be
managed on server.
• As more times you play, it will increase
your knowledge and you will
step up in Top 100 Leaderboard.
• Questions will be chosen randomly in
the game from server database.
• New questions will be added to
database frequently almost daily.
The apps are in Gujarati. First you will
may be need to register on
Then do the same
username and password to login to apps.
And GK play the game.
Naresh Dhakhecha
GK online apps in Gujarati.
Download for Android
Download for windows

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