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March 7, 2014

Bharat nu Bandharan quiz

Bharat nu Bandharan ( Constitution of
India) , the country's basic document., It
is written into the document., It is
superior to the laws of the country. The
power of the party and the people's
rights are defined. Editor of India's
federal structure, although it is unitary.
Constitutional Assembly was to start
functioning from 9th December 1946. On
26 November 1949 the Constitutional
Assembly had passed the Constitution .
Total Duration - 2 years, 11 months and
18 days.
26th January 1950 saw the
implementation of the Constitution. Dr
Rajendra Prasad was the first Chairman of
the Constitution Assembly. In total
there were 389 members of the
Constitution Assembly. 296 of
Constitution Assembly - were members
of the British Indian. Preamble to
the Bharat nu Bandharan
( Constitution of India) begins. Bharat
nu Bandharan ( Constitution of India )
Quiz would be useful to teachers in
the preparation of TAT Exam
Bharat nu Bandharan (Constitution of
India) QUIZ click here

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