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July 10, 2014

Gk- first woman

1. India's First Woman Railway Driver - Surekha Shankar Yadav
2. India's First Woman Tabla Maestro -Dr. Aban Mistry
3. India's First Recognized Billionth Citizen - Astha
4. India's First Woman Airbus Pilot -Durba Banerjee
5. First Woman Secretary General Of Rajya Sabha -V. S. Rama Devi
6. First Indian Woman To Win Magsasay Award -Kiran Bedi
7. First Indian Woman Cricketer To Get 100 Wickets - Diana Eduljee
8. First Indian Paratrooper Of Indian Air Force - Nita Ghose
9. First Indian Woman To Complete Her MBBS -Kadambini Ganguli Bose In 1888
10. First Woman Cheif Engineer - P. K. Tresia Nanguli
11. First Indian Woman At Antarctica -Meher Moos In 1976
12. First Woman Foriegn Minister -Lakshmi N. Menon

13. First Woman Commercial Pilot -Prem Mathur Of Deccan Airways
14. First Woman Sahitya Award Winner -Amrita Pritam
15. First Woman President Of Indian Science Congress - Dr. Ashima Chatterjee
16. First Woman To Win WTA Tennis Tournament -Sania Mirza
17. First Chief Justice Of Mumbai High Court -Justice Sujaata B Manohar
18. First Indian Woman Advocate -Regina Guha
19. First Indian Woman Barrister -Cornotia Sorabji
20. First Woman Surgeon - Dr. Prema Mukherjee
21. First Woman To Get Arjun Award -N. Lumsden (1961)
22. First Woman Chairman Of Bank -Tarzani Vakil
23. First Woman Chairperson Of National Woman Commission - Mrs. Jayanti Patnayak
24. First Indian Woman To Receive Asiad Gold Medal - Kamalji Sandhu
25. First Woman Speaker Of State Assembly - Mrs. Shano Devi

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